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Mobile Containers Make Storage Easy

Mobile Containers Make Storage Easy

Mobile Containers Make Storage Easy

As specialists and leaders in the Eastern Ontario storage market, people searching for self-storage solutions often come to us wondering what the real advantages to mobile storage containers are over traditional storage units. Our answer is never short because the advantages are great.

If you’re looking for the best storage solutions, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, our experts at Box Me Up got together to lay out the advantages mobile storage containers provide their tenants. 

More time, less stress

Moving homes or offices is always a stressful responsibility. There’s a lot that needs to happen, and in a short period of time. Usually the day or two you have a truck rented.

Imagine you had more time though.

Unlike moving with a rental truck that has that time limit, a mobile container serves as your moving truck itself, without being a separate rental. That actually means two things.

First, it can arrive well before your actual moving day. Give yourself an extra week or two – heck, a month! – and you can pack your belongings and load the container at your own pace, with as much time as you would like.

Second, it also means that a mobile unit only needs to be loaded once. That’s right: you don’t have to load a rental truck and then your storage unit because with a mobile container your storage unit arrives at your door as if it was the truck!

Loading a few items at once over a longer stretch of time, and only doing it once rather than twice, alleviates much of the associated stress that comes with moving homes or offices. Not only is the physical labour less arduous, but you also have more time to keep your move organized and in control. And that adds up to significantly less stress, and a significantly more successful move. 

Where you want your storage

The very fact that a mobile container brings your storage directly to you is a massive advantage, especially if you require access to your storage belongings on a regular basis. Why not just keep your container nearby, or even on site?

If you are going to be visiting your storage regularly, then placing your storage unit in its most convenient place, nearest to you, is a huge advantage, and only a mobile container can provide that ability. It can be where you want it to be. The amount of time saved on travel for frequent visitors is an enormous plus. It allows your storage to be used in new and unique ways as well. It is versatility to the max.

Renovation jobs can benefit greatly, as the on-site container can house items from specific rooms under construction that can be returned as their renovations are complete. Similarly, for real estate agents staging homes for sale, mobile containers can serve as discrete storage spaces for the homeowner’s furniture during stagings, and for the stock furniture the rest of the time (read more about the benefits of mobile storage for real estate agents in this article). Small businesses storing inventory, equipment, or materials will also find a lot of savings in having a mobile unit on site for constant access (find more tips for small businesses here).

Having storage at your fingertips, wherever you require it, is a huge benefit for so many of our tenants. 

Box Me Up Efficiency

If it isn’t already obvious, let’s just say it: mobile storage is the most flexible and efficient storage solution available. At Box Me Up, we’ve taken that to the next level though.

We know that not every storage project requires the same solution, which is why, unlike most other mobile storage container providers, we offer containers in 3 different sizes. No matter how large or how small your storage project is, we have the appropriate container to make it happen properly, and for the right cost.

“But are mobile containers really as safe and secure as traditional storage units?” is a question we often get after outlining the advantages of mobile containers. And, the short answer is, “Yes.”

But here are the details. Once your belongings are loaded into your container, our trucks arrive with their horizontal lift system that holds the container, and your belongings inside, level upon pick-up and drop-off – and of course throughout the entire journey. That is arguably safer transportation than using a rental truck.

Made with galvanized steel, our containers are wind, water, and rodent proof, and are designed to withstand harsh Canadian winters. We are proud to say that Box Me Up containers are the most secure containers on the market.

If you want safe and reliable storage that’s easy, then the mobile storage solutions from Box Me Up are certainly what you are looking for in Eastern Ontario.

The advantages mobile storage provides proves it is the most convenient, flexible, and easiest solution for almost any storage project. At Box Me Up, mobile storage is our specialty. Get your free estimate here, or connect with us directly if you have any further questions or concerns regarding your storage project. For more tips and advice from our storage experts, please also visit our blog.

Published: January 19 2022

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