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Mobile Storage and Its Advantages for Interior Decorators

Mobile Storage and Its Advantages for Interior Decorators

Mobile Storage and Its Advantages for Interior Decorators

There are more ways to use a mobile storage container than you might initially think. We provide storage solutions to many different tenants all across Easter Ontario, and each one of them, of course, has their own, unique self-storage need. Interior decorators are particularly unique in this regard, and have much to benefit from working with a mobile container. 

Here, we’ve gathered all those advantages together so that any interior decorator can understand the advantages of mobile storage for their decorating business, and can make an informed decision regarding it. We believe you’ll see many advantages.

Win the battle with clutter

As an interior decorator, a large portion of your working day, of course, involves decorating: homes, offices, showrooms, restaurants, events, retailers, or countless other spaces in need of your expert touch and sense of aesthetic. A storage space is not one of these spaces, and that’s the first advantage self-storage provides interior decorators: a space that does not require your labour.

It is a welcomed change of pace for you, we imagine, but this fact really does provide a direct advantage to you. It means you have a space that was made for clutter. A mobile storage container allows you to clear everything unwanted from a space. It’s the ultimate best friend to any decluttering project, and you know better than we that a cluttered space is not a decorated space. 

So, decorate the spaces that matter. Let your container be the space to contain the excess clutter. This provides a huge advantage to every interior decorator in their continuous battle with clutter.

More space can mean less expenses

You can win the battle with clutter by utilizing a mobile storage container, but you can also lower expenses by utilizing the storage space for inventories. Interior decorators will often purchase items they come across to use at a later date, and a container will provide the space necessary to store those items in the meantime. 

But a container also provides you with the space to store bulk purchases of popular items that you can use repeatedly. The large, bulk orders that the storage space allows for will lower the cost of each item. In turn, you can increase your margins. This is an excellent, long-term benefit that self-storage can provide interior decorators and their businesses.

Mobile storage makes decorating easier

While traditional self-storage offers interior decorators many of the same benefits as mobile containers, containers provide additional benefits that truly make projects easier.

Mobile containers have the advantage of being both your unit and your delivery vehicle at the same time. Traditional storage will require you to rent a truck or hire a moving company to collect the storage items you require and deliver them to the space being decorated. That is a 2-step process of loading the truck and then unloading it, but with a mobile container, the truck is already loaded and ready to go from the beginning.

Your mobile container will save both time and money this way. Dropped off onsite, the container is now working for you, providing you space on the job, and making the project much easier. And when it’s easier for you, it’s also easier for your client – and that might be the greatest advantage.

Have all the options

With your mobile container bringing your storage items to you onsite, this means that you have your entire inventory at hand, within arms-reach. You may not need it all, but having your inventory onsite provides you with as many options as possible while decorating. This can be of great advantage, especially to decorators who like to improvise or who like to see pieces in the space. 

Having your inventory onsite also means that you can react quickly to sudden changes or unforeseen issues. Any problems that might arise, you are armed with potential backup plans with your inventory at reach, and can pivot to alternatives much more easily.

Temporary setups

Mobile storage lends itself incredibly well to temporary setups. Interior decorators can sometimes be called for photo shoots or stagings, and being able to arrive to these temporary setups with a mobile container can be of great advantage.

If there are items in the space that need to be removed, the container provides an excellent space away from the action to store items during the shoot or staging. If multiple setups are required, then you have your inventory with you, ready to go.

The advantages mobile storage provides interior decorators are great. Whether the container helps you declutter or lower costs or solve problems or get creative, it has a wide variety of advantages for interior decorators to exploit.

Box Me Up is a leader in Eastern Ontario’s mobile storage market. With 3 different sizes of container to choose from, our flexibility is unmatched in the industry. Speak with us today about making your interior decorating projects easier with self-storage.

Published: April 18 2022

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