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Mobile Storage Containers and their Advantages for Your Construction Site

Mobile Storage Containers and their Advantages for Your Construction Site

Mobile Storage Containers and their Advantages for Your Construction Site

A continuous task on any construction site is keeping it organized. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians, delivery trucks, and a wide variety of other labourers all need to be working in unison, while on their own, individual tasks, and the contractor is ultimately left to ensure this is in fact being achieved in unison. Mobile storage containers can prove to help achieve the organization required for operating a safe and smooth construction site.

As leaders in the Eastern Ontario mobile storage market, Box Me Up has seen contractors bring multiple advantages to their construction site by renting a mobile container. Here, we explain those advantages, so if you are a contractor or work on construction sites, then make sure to read on!

Unparalleled convenience

The clearest advantage mobile containers bring are their flexibility and convenience. Having mobility means the container works for you. It arrives when you need it; it leaves the moment you no longer require it. It can shift around your site, placed wherever is most convenient, and as the job develops. Mobile containers can aid the life of a construction job.

Having the mobile container onsite means that you can keep your supplies and equipment safe and stored within it, onsite at all times. It means workers can start and finish their days more quickly, having everything already there and available for use.

That convenience can extend beyond one job. Why unload your container of tools and supplies just to load them all again for the next job? A mobile container can travel to that next job without the need for loading and unloading.

Our truck’s horizontal lift system keeps your container level throughout any transit, leaving the contents secure inside. And even if you are between jobs, Box Me Up can store your container at our facility until the next job. The convenience that mobile storage containers provide construction projects are truly unparalleled.

Ultimate armor

Your supplies and equipment are expensive items that the construction project relies on. Box Me Up containers are the perfect armor for protecting those tools and materials from theft or damage. Our containers are made with galvanized steel and are wind, water, and rodent proof. With their all-steel swing-doors, they’re easy to get into when you need to, but will keep unwanted visitors out just as easily.

That armor provides the additional advantage of comfort. Completely secure, our mobile containers safely house the items that make your construction site operate, and knowing this is a peace of mind and extra level of comfort.

Staying organized keeps construction sites safe

Construction sites can be dangerous places. Any misstep or accident can cause serious injury or even death. Hard hats and steal toe boots are mandatory on construction sites for a reason. The best way though to keep the job site safe is by keeping it organized.

Self-storage is always a great way to get organized, and that is no different with construction sites. Every item, whether tool or material, can be designated a home that keeps it out of the way when it is not in use if you have a mobile container onsite. Construction sites are already dangerous places, so keeping it organized can only prevent unnecessary hazards. Having a home inside a container for items minimizes disorganization and decreases the possibility of an accident due to it.

Providing a storage area onsite for tools and materials allows your construction site to operate more safely because an organized environment is a safer environment.

Added benefits

Mobile storage provides some unique advantages for construction companies. With the space to house materials, your company can purchase supplies in bulk for a lower cost, housing additional materials in your container until the next job requires them. Purchasing extra materials for a lower price will increase your margins and see you pay off the container cost in no time.

A mobile container can provide additional space that you can use to hold meetings with your team or clients. Set up a desk and chair inside, and you can even have an office space onsite as well. It can serve as shelter from the rain or snow (or even the hot sun!). Adding a container to your site can offer a host of advantages.

Leave it, lock it, and forget it

Happily, mobile storage containers are also very low maintenance. Once your container is placed onsite, there’s very little you need to do to maintain it. Just leave it, lock it, and forget it. (Give it a sweep from time to time.) They really can’t get much more convenient than that.

Keeping construction sites organized is a key to keeping them safe. Mobile storage provides a way to do this all while providing the additional advantages of increasing the site’s efficiency and potentially lower the project’s costs.

Box Me Up offers three differently-sized containers for affordable prices. Book your container today or contact us for more information. And don’t forget to stay on top of our blog for all the best self-storage and mobile storage tips from our experts.

Published: May 16 2022

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