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Mobile Storage: Making Real Estate Sale Easier for Owners and Agents Alike

Mobile Storage: Making Real Estate Sale Easier for Owners and Agents Alike

Mobile Storage: Making Real Estate Sale Easier for Owners and Agents Alike

Real estate in Eastern Ontario continues to trend upwards, even after the arrival of the pandemic. Despite the many lockdowns and restrictions, homeowners old and new continue to give real estate agents in the area plenty to do. The Eastern Ontario real estate market is certainly hot, but one rarely-considered way to make the process easier for both parties is to utilize mobile storage. 

Here, we discuss how homeowners and real estate agents work together to prepare a house for sale, and the benefits that, during this process, mobile storage can provide both parties separately to achieve the same goal together: a successful Eastern Ontario home sale.

It begins with homeowner organization

If a home is going up for sale, then the first step for homeowners is to organize the house, preparing it for viewings. This really means emptying much of the home. Potential buyers, as real estate agents know, want to see a simple home that can fit to their own vision. This means “neutral,” void of anything personal.

Children’s toys, sports equipment, family pictures, and the like all join the perfectly regular clutter of life – old newspapers and magazines, seasonal clothing, forgotten projects, piles of paper work, etc. – as items that need to disappear when selling a house. That’s many items, and too many to stuff in the closet or basement – spaces potential buyers want to view anyways.

An immediate benefit to the homeowner then, of utilizing mobile storage, is that it can provide the additional space you require for these items, and provide that space onsite. Moving these items out of the home can occur at the owner’s own pace, without the mad dash to the finish line that is typically required by a moving day. 

As the clutter is cleared to the mobile container, decisions about what else to keep in the house can be made at a manageable pace. And if the homeowner suddenly needs something that they have already moved into storage, then this is not the issue it would be if the item was in a traditional storage unit, offsite. With mobile storage, their items can be accessible just outside.

But real estate agents need to be organized too

Such decisions about what to keep in the home for staging purposes, of course, will be made in collaboration with the homeowner’s real estate agent. Real estate agents typically stage homes with stock furniture, artwork, and accessories, which replace items belonging to the homeowner for the purpose of the viewings. The idea here, again, is almost always aiming to make things appear neutral with the stock items.

Mobile storage aids real estate agents with their organization here as well, allowing them to bring their entire storage unit with them to every staging. This instantly eliminates the time it takes to load items onto a truck in order to transport them to the house, making staging more efficient.

Perhaps more significantly though, mobile storage also allows the real estate agent the ability to decorate the home with their fullest palette. With the entire storage unit in tow, decisions about what items to decorate with can now be made after their transport, rather than prior to loading them on a truck. Various items can be tested in the same space with ease, ensuring the agent achieves the best outcome possible.


The moving efficiency

All of the items the real estate agent will want to decorate the home for staging will, of course, be replacing the homeowner’s own items, and these will need to be moved out of the house. Again, the mobile storage container aids this process for both parties.

As the mobile container is already on the property, multiple trucks will not need to be showing up at the same time on staging day. Everyone involved will appreciate the limited traffic, reducing the stress of the process for all.

When the viewings having taken place and everything is returned, homeowners have already achieved a large portion of the move they inevitably will face in the future: the mobile storage unit does not need to be emptied back into the house if the items are not needed. Much of the clutter and even some furniture can be left in the storage unit. The homeowners are likely only living in the house for another month or two, so is it necessary they rehang family portraits that are already away and ready to be moved?

This is where mobile storage proves its greatest efficiency for homeowners, as it massively cuts down the amount of moving required by them. Mobile storage provides a secure space for belongings that are not a part of the home sale, while supplying the vehicle within which the homeowner’s belongings will inevitably be required for moving to their new home in after the sale.

The real estate efficiency

As the mobile storage container supports the homeowner’s move, it will also aid in the ability to increase the sale price of the home. As items are removed from the home, real estate agents will aim to make the house appear bigger. This is achieved with open spaces, leaving rooms minimal – neutral – spacious.

This is what buyers want to see, and they will be more willing to spend more if they view the home this way. Your storage space allows you to do this, and the mobile container provides that space for the home sale in the most efficient and convenient way possible: it makes it easy. 

And easy should not be understated. Every real estate agent knows that a key to a successful home sale is the performance of the homeowner during viewings. Buyers want to like the previous owners, allowing them to trust in the home itself. A calm and friendly homeowner will appear trustworthy and responsible, allowing the buyer to draw the conclusion that the homeowner has been responsible with their home, and that the buyer can trust the home has been taken care of and loved.

When the mobile storage unit arrived at the beginning of the home sale process, this allowed the homeowner to approach the sale of their home, and all that comes with it, with the greatest of ease. It leaves the homeowner in a manageable state, minimizing the stress involved, and this may in fact be the greatest benefit mobile storage provides every real estate process.

The more relaxed and stress-free the homeowner is, the more the real estate agent can perform their job, the more trusting potential buyers are, and the more successful will the sale of the home be. And more likely for a higher price.

As Eastern Ontario’s leading mobile storage provider, Box Me Up will be happy to answer any further questions regarding home sale and whether mobile storage would be right for your home move or your real estate agency. Or learn more about our mobile storage containers here.

Published: March 5 2021

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