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Mobile Storage Provides the Versatility Eastern Ontario Businesses Require

Mobile Storage Provides the Versatility Eastern Ontario Businesses Require

Mobile Storage Provides the Versatility Eastern Ontario Businesses Require

Often, when one thinks of self-storage, it is associated with personal storage, typically connected to a home sale or renovation. But this natural association misses the fact that business can find incredible value from utilizing storage for commercial needs.

Here, in Eastern Ontario, businesses of all kinds make up an economically diverse region. Agriculture is a dominant industry in the region, complemented by a strong food processing industry. Manufacturing, health care, and retail are also all heavy driving forces of the Eastern Ontario market. With public administration, education, and construction all playing vital roles in the economy as well, the business population in the region requires a versatile solution for their many unique self-storage needs.

Here, we look at business storage and some of its most common uses, and why mobile storage in fact provides businesses in Eastern Ontario with the most convenient and flexible solution for their storage needs.


The most obvious use of storage for business – a natural association – is of course during a company’s move. Storage can serve as a space to house the business’ belongings when there is a gap between having to leave the old location and gain access to the new one.

At the same time, storage can also act as a space to make decisions in. Going through the business’ older or more obscure belongings, deciding what to keep and what to donate/dispose, will be a less stressful exercise with a storage space providing you with more time in which to make these decisions.

And mobile storage takes this experience to the next level: by combining your storage unit with your moving vehicle, the loading only needs to happen once, as you avoid having to load a truck and then a storage unit. In fact, your mobile unit can be dropped at the new location, allowing you to slowly bring items into the new space as you need them, leaving storage items and any donations/disposals out of the way of your workspace.

Mobile storage truly makes moving your business as easy as possible.

Workspace renovations and equipment upgrades

If you are renovating your office or workspace, then self-storage is a space to house your business’ contents during construction. With enough space on the property, mobile storage allows you to keep those contents onsite throughout the renovations, providing access to items you may still require access to throughout the renovations. This is a huge benefit to businesses renovating their workspace.

And if your business is upgrading equipment, such as photocopiers, computers, kitchen appliances, or large electronics, a self-storage unit offers the space needed to move the old equipment to. This gives you not only the space to hold it until you need it again, but also the time to try to resell it if that is your intent. The process of upgrading the furniture in your workspace will of course benefit in the same ways with storage. Again, with mobile storage, moving out the old equipment and furniture will only require one load, rather than the two that traditional storage will require of you.

Pandemic adaptation 

With the threat of the COVID-19 virus, businesses have had to adapt to the changes the pandemic imposes. Renting office or warehouse space can be costly, and they typically come with the risk of being locked into a long-term commitment. 

Mobile storage avoids any long-term commitments for businesses by renting storage containers by the month. And with the majority of facilities, like Box Me Up, having no minimum rental length, if one month is all your business requires storage for, then one month is all you will need to pay.

As an added benefit to businesses, most facility operators base the month on the tenant’s anniversary date rather than the first of every month. In other words, if you are renting from somewhere like Box Me Up, then a mobile storage container can really meet the needs of your business’ storage projects.

Documents and files

Keeping your workspaces clear of clutter and organized is important for any business’ productivity. Of course, as any company grows, so does their inventory of sensitive documents. Employment, tax, and other confidential records are the sort of documents that must be archived and kept safe, yet are very rarely ever needed. These are perfect candidates to relieve your workspace of clutter by moving them out and into storage. 

Mobile storage will make access to your sensitive documents and files much easier, arriving to your workspace when you need them, rather than you having to travel to them. And if you have the space on your property, then why not just have your storage unit sit onsite for access at any time? Mobile storage allows for that convenience.

Seasonal items

Whether your business is seasonal, such as a landscaping service, or whether your business changes with the seasons, such as restaurants with patios, then you likely have a large number of seasonal items that prove to be nothing but in the way during the offseason. Storage for these items is typically a must for these businesses.

Furniture, decorations, equipment, materials, product inventories: these are all candidates for creating more space and organization in your workspace by getting rid of them into storage when their service is not needed. 

Many businesses can be wary of getting rid of these items too soon or even at all, always concerned that an opportunity could be missed without them on-hand. Especially for these businesses, mobile storage is the superior solution, allowing your business a more convenient access to anything contained within your storage.

Inventory management 

Any business that carries a large inventory of items, whether they are products for sale or materials or both, space for their inventory is always a priority. Keeping showrooms open and free of clutter means that backrooms can get filled quickly with excess inventory. Storage is an obvious answer for more space, and can be used very well to organize and manage a business’ inventory. 

Of course, the better the access to your inventory, the easier it is for you to satisfy customer demands and keep your showroom filled with the most current trends. This is why mobile storage’s convenient accessibility provides businesses with the most flexible way to manage a growing inventory.

Contractors and construction companies

Construction work is completed by contractors and companies who typically have to balance construction being accomplished on a number of different sites at once. Having a self-storage unit available to house tools, equipment, and spare materials that can be accessed by both you and your employees can be a massive benefit to any construction company. 

Mobile storage though should really be a no-brainer for construction companies, as mobile units can be dropped and left onsite, available to the team at all times. Moreover, as jobs change, a mobile storage unit can follow the projects wherever they go.

Real estate agents, decorators, and designers

In considering moving and renovations above, those industries that deal directly with such work can also find great use from storage, and, specifically, mobile storage. Real estate agents, decorators, and designers can all utilize mobile storage to house their furniture and decoration inventories, which can then follow them along to jobs, or to provide clients with added value and service for their own items. 

Businesses from all across Eastern Ontario can find incredible uses for self-storage. The options mobile storage provides though are truly the most versatile of any storage service available.

Box Me Up’s mobile containers are made from galvanized steel and are considered the most secure containers on the market today. With three differently-sized units to choose from, we’re also the most varied in our offerings. If you’re a business in Eastern Ontario that can use the convenience of mobile storage space, then take a look at the mobile options we provide businesses here.

Published: May 13 2021

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